This is the response from fusion regarding the pool temperature at Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre.


“Further to our meeting at Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre I am writing to confirm the details of the maintenance work that we are doing.

Fusion apologises for the temperature fluctuations at Brentford Leisure Centre. The pool water heating system at Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre can produce the correct water temperature that allows both the leisure pool and the fitness pool to achieve the desired pool temperatures, however, when the outside air temperature drops to a certain temperature the hot water system cannot achieve the desired temperatures. The Normal Operating Procedure (NOP) states that the fitness pool should 28*C and the leisure pool should be 29*C-30*C.  The fitness pool is closed for use when the temperature falls below 26*C.

A temperature of 26*C is an acceptable level for a swimming club as the swimmers will be involved in an activity that requires physical effort, this is within the recommendations defined in the approved code of practice from the  Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG). PWTAG is an independent organisation that provides industry recognised standards of management and operations for swimming pool water quality.


There have been separate pool plant issues that have caused the problems. Initially the pools closed on 21st and 22nd October; this was because of problems with the boilers. One boiler required the ignition probe to be repaired and this was carried out the same weekend. This allowed the temperatures to recover in the short term, however, additional works need to be completed to produce consistent temperatures especially when the outside temperature falls.


A full investigation of the pool water system has concluded that there are two repairs that need to be completed. The Combined Heat and Power unit (CHP) is the primary heat source for the fitness pool and the boiler only serves the fitness pool after the other areas of the building. Therefore, a repair that will be managed by Kier needs to be completed to the CHP. This repair will cost £9,436 and involves the supply and fitting of a new cylinder head and generator unit including its couplings and fittings.  There will be an additional repair, again managed through Kier that will involve installing a Wilo Shunt Pump on boiler 2. The original pumps for the boiler are no longer available however this pump is a suitable alternative, the cost of this repair is £1,877. It has taken some time to establish the necessary work and it is anticipated that these repairs will be completed in the first half of 2018.


At a local level the management team has been managing the pool temperatures by manually adjusting the actuator valve. This acts to divert the supply of hot water into either the leisure pool or the teaching pool and the team have also been running a hosepipe from the Hot Water System into the pools. This procedure diverts heated water to either pool to increase the temperatures of that pool.  This local management procedure can be effective however, it does depend on the outside air temperature.

It is hoped that the maintenance indicated above will produce more consistent pool temperatures.”