Covid Update 16 September 2020

There is currently a delay in responses after completing the form, please complete it as soon as possible to ensure you recieve the approval email before the next training session. You can view the response of the form on your medical details on Swim Manager.

Swimmers can not attend the next training session unless a Covid screening form has been sent and they have received an “Approval email”.

The Health Form has been created for all individual swimmers. This form needs to be completed before attending the next session be land training or swim session. If, after completing this form, any information has changed, please submit a new form so we can keep your account updated.

The purpose of this health screen form is to inform and make you aware of the risks involved in a return to training. This form can be completed by returning adult members or parents/guardians on behalf returning members under the age of 18.

The club will determine if the swimmer is suitable to train or not depending on the information held on this, or the updated form.

For Covid information, please contact or visit the FAQ’s page.

Complete the Covid Screening Form here

Contact Covid Officer here